About Us

About Us
Hello, welcome to our website.
I'm Mr. Lee, the owner of Mr. Lee Company in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Let's me introduce my self a little bit.
"Lee" is my nickname, my dad and my mom call me from the childhood. Infact "Lee" comes from my father's last name. My grand father was a chinesse people and moved to Thailand for many years.
My full name is Mr. Manu Yenjai, I use this full name since I was 18 years old.
My Work Experience;
I was an officer of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT.or.th) for 22 years.
My work experience is related with a tourism information service. I spend almost 8 years in Pattaya before I moved to Chiang Mai for 14 years already.
Tourism Information Service is my favourite job and I can quarantee your satisfaction with my work experience. Every clients would be appreciated joining our premium service.
I can quarantee the quality of service as well as the most reasonable price.
Best Regards,
Manu Yenjai (Mr. Lee)


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